Conference papers 2017

  1. De Rességuier, T., Roland, C., Lescoute, E., Sollier, A., Loison, D., Berthe, L., Prudhomme, G., Mercier, P. Experimental study of microjetting from triangular grooves in laser shock-loaded samples (2017) AIP Conference Proceedings, 1793, art. no. 100025, .
  2. Loison, D., Guin, J.-P., Sangleboeuf, J.-C., Nivard, M., Lescoute, E., Sollier, A., Seisson, G., Hebert, D., Berthe, L., Boustie, M. Soda-lime glass behavior under laser shock (2017) AIP Conference Proceedings, 1793, art. no. 100036, .
  3. Prudhomme, G., Berthe, L., Bénier, J., Bozier, O., Mercier, P. Radiometric short-term fourier transform analysis of Photonic Doppler Velocimetry recordings and detectivity limit (2017) AIP Conference Proceedings, 1793, art. no. 160007, .
  4. Thomas, M., Lambert, O., Davoine, C., Popoff, F., Dupuy, C., Peyre, P., Dendieve R. (2017)l,, Characterization of multiperforated plates manufactured by SLM and EBM for aeroengine applications, TMS 2017 Conference, San Diego (USA), 3-7 March 2017