CoMet : Behavior and Microstructure of Metals

Responsables : Olivier Castelnau (DR) and Zehoua Hamouche (MDC)

The research conducted in the group CoMet are based on experimental, theoretical, and numerical scale transition methods. Our aim is to make the link, in a systematic way, between the elementary deformation mechanisms, the microstructure/architecture of the material, the behaviour of a Representative Volume Element, and the fabrication/transformation process. We are mainly focused on the investigation of pure metals and metallic alloys, but our activity also opens towards other type of polycrystalline materials (ceramics, minerals, …), other structures (architectured materials), and multi-physic behaviours. The experimental activities rely essentially on the Technical Platforms of the lab, in particular X rays, Microscopy, Mechanical Testing, and Laser, in which we actively develop new experimental devices (ex. proof of concept for large scale additive manufacturing, time resolved diffraction setup for ultrasonic fatigue under synchrotron synchrotron, etc.).

The four main topics of our specific research activities are listed and detailed below. The group is also largely involved in the transverse research programs at PIMM (additive manufacturing; behaviour at very large strain-rates – laser shock; behaviour of architecture materials).

The list of ongoing PhD work is available here (search for the keyword ‘comet’). Defended PhDs are listed here (sorted by date).